Susan Forma is an AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, a public speaker, a Qi Gong Instructor, and a Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher -- one of only several in the United States and the only one in South Florida. Susan was personally trained by Fumiko Takatsu, Founder and Creator of the Face Yoga Method.    


I believe in the most natural approach to creating optimal health.

“As a cancer survivor, I know the value and blessing it is to have optimal health. It upsets me to see so many women and men choosing to inject toxic chemicals into their faces, and/or spending enormous amounts of money on expensive surgeries, creams and gadgets, all in an effort to look younger. Face Yoga is a natural, effective method of tightening and toning the skin without the harmful effects. It is fun to do, requires no equipment or setup, and definitely worth trying. You’ll need to put some effort in and practice, but the results will speak for themselves.”
— Susan Forma

The more I practice Face Yoga, the better my life seems to get. I am more aware of habitual ways in which I use my face muscles so that I can stop the bad habits. I have completely gotten rid of TMJ pain, and I find myself smiling more often and speaking more easily!

Lift your Face, Lift your Life


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