Face Yoga is a series of exercises and postures which strengthen the muscles of the face, creating a more youthful appearance. By tightening and toning the facial muscles, one can:

  • Reduce the signs of aging

  • Diminish laugh lines and crow's feet

  • Reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes

  • Tighten and tone double chin

  • Give a more youthful appearance to the neck

  • Diminish smoker's lines


Muscles have Memory

IMG_4743 2.jpg

Over time, this facial posture...

... will become his normal expression.

... will become his normal expression.

From a very young age, our emotions are written all over our face. We furrow our brows when we are upset or contemplating, wrinkle our forehead and raise our eyebrows to express excitement or shock, tighten our jaws when stressed, and more. Over time, these repetitive, unconscious movements form the lines and wrinkles on our faces. In addition, by unknowingly over using some muscles and under using others, our faces can become asymmetrical, we can develop tenderness and/or muscle weaknesses, and our facial expressions become limited. Face Yoga, by Susan Forma, brings these movements to your attention so that you can learn to isolate certain muscles while relaxing others by choice. Relaxing the muscles will soften the lines in the face, allow for more blood flow and circulation, enhance your spirit, and create a more youthful appearance.


We unconsciously create "11 lines" between the brows without ever realizing.

Face Yoga, by Susan Forma helps you develop mindfulness of the way in which you use or don't use your facial muscles. This allows you to catch yourself using habitual movements and gain the ability to isolate, tone, and use your face muscles properly.

There are approximately 60 muscles in the face, and yet very few people think about toning these muscles as they would the muscles in their body. Some may think that their normal life activities such as speaking, eating, yawning, kissing, etc. is enough to keep them properly toned. Using that same logic, that would mean that simply walking, standing, picking things up and carrying them, etc. would be enough to keep the muscles in your body tight and toned. If only that were true! But we can clearly tell the difference between those who exercise their bodies as compared to those who do not. The same is true for your face muscles. 


Susan Forma teaches specific Face Yoga exercises that target these muscles between the eyes to help diminish the frown lines (11-lines).


With targeted Face Yoga exercises, these muscles will lift the cheeks and keep the face from sagging.

Cheek muscles that are not toned can contribute to sagging jowls, can cause the face to look tired and hollow, and over time can cause one to feel withdrawn and depressed. Lifting the face has a wonderful side effect of simultaneously lifting the spirit.

Lift Your Face, Lift Your Life!


Did you know that this muscle

originates at the upper part of your chest and inserts into the lower part of your jaw?

Face Yoga exercises to strengthen and tone this neck muscle will alleviate saggy jowls and create a more defined neck and jawline.


Many people experience headaches from looking down at their screens for long periods of time.

Did you realize that this muscle goes from the top of your eyebrows, across the top of your head, and attaches at the base of your skull? No wonder the back of your head seems to hurt when you have a headache! Face Yoga exercises targeted towards this muscle help alleviate headaches as well as neck pain.


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